Demonstration and Introduction Sequence

The A.R.T. of Samonas has two parts:

  1. Demonstrations and introductions to the Auditory Training of Samonas. This way, you will get an impression of the highquality, spectral activated music of Samonas.
  2. A guide for the creation of your personal listening profile.

Spoken by Ingo Steinbach, the delevoper of Samonas. The recording is done with the unique reference-point-based Sonas recording system.

You will find the following informations on the A.R.T. of Samonas introuction sequence.

• The Auditory System
• The Power and effect of music
• Reference-point-based recording
• Spectral Activation

The facts about Samonas:
• Music examples
• The first impressions of how your body reacts to Samonas music
• A decision guidance for the right choice of music, listening time and intensity

In the introduction sequence are also
• Answers to your most important questions concerning Samonas
• A step by step instruction to your first personal Samonas listening plan
• Options for the professional use of Samonas.

Instructions to create your personal listening plan

The listening success is significantly based on your peronal optimal listening time and intensity. This means that the daily listening times as well as the intensity level (There are 4 levels of intensity in Samonas music) need to be adapted to your personal requirements.

Every person is unique. Some of us are very sensitive, others need a more intensive stimulation for a successful listening. A listening time and/or intensity that doesn't match your personal needs, alleviates the listening success and can lead to irritations and other negative effects.

For this reason, every Samonas listening plan starts with the creation of your personal listening profile. This can be achieved with a 6-day listening sequence. The necessary instructions and musicselections can be found on the free A.R.T. of Samonas introduction sequence.

Your personal listening profile needs to be created once only, even if you continue with another listening program later.
It is a good idea to enjoy the listening experience as soon as possible. This can be done before deciding for a personal listening profile.

You find the download of the A.R.T. of Samons introduction sequence in the menu on the left.