Samonas Auditory Training
Goal Oriented & Individualized

Goal Oriented  


Samonas S.M.A.R.T. System

Selecting Music and Activation as Required by Treatment goals

The Samonas listening plan is a individualized, goal oriented application based on treatment goals.
In the therapeutic section, the therapy plan and treatment goals are based on anamesis and diagnosis.

In the section of personal use, the individualized listening plan is based on personal goals and requirements of the user.
The simplest way can be a short discription, a picture or an example (the lite profiles).
The Samonas PowerProfiles are the basis for more ambitious personal listening applications and listening plans.
A PowerProfile evaluates the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the personal goals of the user.
In professional areas (management, cooperateWorld) a personal listening plan is based on personal consultancy in one or more coaching sessions.

An important part of the evaluation is the creation of the users personal listening plan. The optimal personal listening time can be very different from user to user and needs to be adjusted to the sensibility of the users auditory system and his or hers sensation.