Samonas Auditory Training
Goal Oriented & Individuell

Goal Oriented  


Implementation - The Daily Use

An individualized Samonas listening plan means daily listening of your personal music recording in your personal intensity for a defined listening time, YOUR personal listening time.

Every Samonas listening plan gives you exact information about the listening instructions, the music selections and the personal listening time. One or two daily listening sessions can be necessary.
A Samonas listening plan requires the documentation of the users listening experience, the changes that occured during or after the listening.
After analyzing this documentation, the listening instructions will be updated adjusted. This way, the users listening plan will be optimized.

Samonas provides a modern internet-based communication system for documentation and communication. The Samonas ICP "Interactive Communication Platform".
This complex but easy to use system is able to give you an adjusted listening time, based on your input, so you achieve an optimal result using Samonas.

Alternatively, the optimization of your listening time and the adjustment of your listening plan can be done via email or with a member of the Samonas team.