samonas supervised

Samonas International Quality Standards (SQS)


What to expect from a Samonas Listening Plan guided by a trained professional

Check your Samonas Listening Plan for 10 criterias



Client assessment:
Collect available information - intake form -

Parents: Articulate areas of concern

Other: Collect teacher/educator input if possible

Professional: See client, review information/assessment brought in.
                      Run assessments as needed, decide about a treatment plan.



Correlate input data to child development and/or skill development plan

b. Prioritize and sequence

c. Determine areas to work on

d. Set (global) goals, plan for 4 - 6 segment (more if needed)


Create A.R.T. - Listening Profile

Level of intensity - Activation as required

b. initial daily listening time

c. Preferred time of the day to listen

d. Amount of daily listening sessions

e. Estimated time of a segment, transition to next segment


Develop Plan of Action - Create SLP

Selection of music based on effective elements and categories

b. Relate goals to music selections

c. Plan implementation, when to start, when to see professional for review


User Briefing

Explain plan of action with target areas and (global) listening goals

b. Implementation, integration in daily schedule

c. Do's and Don't during listening - observations, adjustments, activities during listening

d. Equipment needed - player, headphones, internet access


Segment Briefing

Target areas of this segment

b. Listening goals

c. changes to watch for - related to listening goals, in other areas

d. Observations needed, documentation required


Listening Instructions

Explain the need for optimal personal listening time and the adjustment of daily
    listening time based on observations made by the parents

b. Determine initial listening time

c. Adjustment of listening time, criteria
  - to increase listening time
  - to stay on the same listening time
  - to decrease listening time

d. Signs of overload


Support Arrangements

a. When to contact supervising professional

b. How to contact supervising professional

c. Information needed on contacting

d. Technical support


Review of Listening Results

a. Parents provide input

b. Professional, confirms or modifies the initial planning of the next segment,
    adjusting goals and/or music selections if needed

c. Start of next segment - repeat steps 6 - 9 for next segment


Final Review

a. Goal achievement

b. Report, documentation