Samonas myLife


Relaxation - Organization - Flexibility - Vitality - Self-Confidence

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What is Samonas myLife?

  • An individualized training program
  • To enhance functions and skills related to the auditory system (Why Auditory Training?)
  • You listen to the music you need - your personal listening plan
  • As long as you need it - your personal listening time
  • Spectral Activated Music of Optimal NAtural Structure (Samonas)
  • Recordings of extraordinary clarity
  • Listeners tend to need less sleep, have more vitality and are more motivated
  • Use your downtime to tune up your system

Creating Your Personal Program - Example Profiles

Example profiles help you find your personal optimal listening plan. These profiles are only an orientation. You may find yourself in them just like looking into a mirror or you may further specify your needs. Every listening plan is unique, just like you are unique.